Ye Carpette Knyghte

A poem by Lewis Carroll

I have a horse, a ryghte good horse,
Ne doe Y envye those
Who scoure ye playne yn headye course
Tyll soddayne on theyre nose
They lyghte wyth unexpected force
Yt ys, a horse of clothes.

I have a saddel, "Say'st thou soe?
Wyth styrruppes, Knyghte, to boote?"
I sayde not that, I answere "Noe",
Yt lacketh such, I woote:
Yt ys a mutton-saddel, loe!
Parte of ye fleecye brute.

I have a bytte, a ryghte good bytte,
As shall bee seene yn tyme.
Ye jawe of horse yt wyll not fytte;
Yts use ys more sublyme.
Fayre Syr, how deemest thou of yt?
Yt ys, thys bytte of rhyme.

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