Poems by Kobayashi Issa

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His death poem:
A cuckoo sings
A huge frog and I,
All the time I pray to Buddha
Asked how old he was,
Blossoms at night,
Children imitating cormorants
Approaching my village:
Don't worry, spiders,
Ducks bobbing on the water--
Even on the smallest islands,
Even with insects--
Face of the spring moon--
Having slept, the cat gets up,
Hey, sparrow!
How much
I'm going out,
In spring rain
In the thicket's shade
In these latter-day,
In this world
It once happened
Last time, I think,
Napped half the day;
Napping at midday
New Year's Day--
New Year's morning:
No doubt about it,
Not knowing
Not very anxious
Pissing in the snow
Summer night--
That pretty girl--
That wren--
The crow
The man pulling radishes
The moon tonight--
The pheasant cries
The snow is melting
The toad! It looks like
These sea slugs,
This moth saw brightness
Under my house
Under the image of Buddha
Visiting the graves,
What a strange thing!
At my daughter's grave, thirty days
With my father
Writing shit about new snow