Love's Clock - A Pastoral

A poem by James Russell Lowell

DAPHNIS waiting

'O Dryad feet,
Be doubly fleet,
Timed to my heart's expectant beat
While I await her!
"At four," vowed she;
'Tis scarcely three,
Yet by my time it seems to be
A good hour later!'


'Bid me not stay!
Hear reason, pray!
'Tis striking six! Sure never day
Was short as this is!'


'Reason nor rhyme
Is in the chime!
It can't be five; I've scarce had time
To beg two kisses!'


'Early or late,
When lovers wait,
And Love's watch gains, if Time a gait
So snail-like chooses,
Why should his feet
Become more fleet
Than cowards' are, when lovers meet
And Love's watch loses?'

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