The Passionate Printer To His Love

A poem by Henry Austin Dobson

(Whose name is Amanda.)

With Apologies to the Shade of Christopher Marlowe.

Come live with me and be my Dear;
And till that happy bond shall lapse,
I'll set your Poutings in Brevier,[l]
Your Praises in the largest CAPS.

There's Diamond--'tis for your Eyes;
There's Ruby--that will match your Lips;
Pearl, for your Teeth; and Minion-size.
To suit your dainty Finger-tips.

In Nonpareil I'll put your Face;
In Rubric shall your Blushes rise;
There is no Bourgeois in your Case;
Your Form can never need "Revise."

Your Cheek seems "Ready for the Press";
Your Laugh as Clarendon is clear;
There's more distinction in your Dress
Than in the oldest Elzevir.

So with me live, and with me die;
And may no "FINIS" e'er intrude
To break into mere "Printers' Pie"
The Type of our Beatitude!

(ERRATUM.--If my suit you flout,
And choose some happier Youth to wed,
'Tis but to cross AMANDA out,
And read another name instead.)

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