Poems by Heinrich Hoffmann

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Here is cruel Frederick, see!
Now Minnie was a pretty girl,
When the children have been good,
This Phoebe Ann was a very proud girl,
Just look at him! there he stands,
Betsy would never wash herself
I never saw a girl or boy
"Oh, why are you always so bitterly crying?
It almost makes me cry to tell
Mamma and Nurse went out one day,
Oh! how this Mary loved to eat,--
The little girls whom now you'll see
Augustus was a chubby lad;
"Let me see if Philip can
When the rain comes tumbling down
As he trudged along to school,
One day Mamma said "Conrad dear,
"I pray you now, my little child,"
As he had often done before,
This is the man that shoots the hares;
"Here, Charlotte," said Mamma one day.