Poems by H. P. Nichols

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Awake! awake! the dusky night
"When a child is cross and angry,
Here's the purple aster,
"Little children, when rejoicing
Why, what a frightful face is this!
God has kept me, dearest mother.
Now the sun hath gone to rest,
The bird within its nest
The sun has set behind the hill,
Give us this day our daily bread;
"How beautiful it is, mamma,
God sees me always. When I sleep,
'Twas morning, and the pleasant light
How glad it makes me feel at night,
When I play with little children
Now a new day just begun,
Now again the yellow sun
If I resolve, with the new year,
In Bible times so long ago,
"O George! how large your bubble is!
I am coming, I am coming,
No, Robbie! you can go away;
Tis Summer, I know by the blue of the sky;
The holy Sabbath day has fled;
God made the day of rest,
'T is Sunday morning, dear mamma!
"Where are the angels, mother?
A rain once fell upon the earth
We've the dearest baby sister!
"Come hither, little brothers,
Now, Ellen, stop screaming and running away,
What is Harry thinking of,
Stop, naughty pussy! that's not fair!
"I was walking, dearest mother,
"Don't wash me, pray, mamma, today,"
"What are the flowers for, mamma,
Of the childhood of our Saviour
God made the bright, round sun;
Spring has come, dear mother!
Silence! stir not! for a whisper
A new-born babe was sleeping
Come, sister Ellen, get your hat
I've just looked from the window
Little Lucy was left in the room once alone,
"O Mother! here's the organ-man,
I love to see the sun go down
"What is the rainbow, mother dear,
"Come to the window, mother!
Don't kill the spider, little Fred,
"Tell me a Sunday story,"
"Once songs as lullabies to thee I sung,
"My little Edward, how could you
The happiest hour of all the day
"I hear the birds sing, mother,
"They tell me in a sunny land
With my breath so keen and chilling,