Poems by Guy Wetmore Carryl

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Now don't go and say you'd a dim
Albeit wholly penniless,
A poet had a cat.
She has slid down the channels
A fisherman lived on the shore,
Matilda Maud Mackenzie frankly hadn't any chin,
In days of old the King of Saxe
Miss Guinevere Platt
The vainest girls in forty states
A worthy couple, man and wife,
Without the slightest basis
Of all the ill-fated
Most worthy of praise
Fortunatus, a fisherman Dane,
Once on a time, long years ago
In Germany there lived an earl
A man of kind and noble mind
An excellent peasant,
A maiden from the Bosphorus,
His name was Aladdin.
Though Philip the Second
A certain fox had a Grecian nose
A farmer built around his crop
Once, on a time and in a place
A peasant had a docile bear,
O'er a small suburban borough
A Caledonian piper
Reposing 'neath some spreading trees,
There was an ant, a spinster ant,
A Boston man an ulster had,
A gaunt and relentless wolf, possessed
A fisher was casting his flies in a brook,
A woolly little terrier pup
Once a flock of stately peacocks
Once a turtle, finding plenty
A rooster once pursued a worm
Upon the shore, a mile or more
A raven sat upon a tree,
A woodcutter bought him a gander,
A metropolitan rat invited
A bulrush stood on a river's rim,