Poems by George W. Sands

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Many ages ago, near the high Hartz, there dwelt
It is a circumstance connected with the history of Nero, that every spring and summer, for many years after his death, fresh and beautiful flowers were nightly scattered upon his grave by some unknown hand.
Press close your lips,
On The Reception Of A Letter.
'Tis not in youth, when life is new, when but to live is sweet,
"Whenever, amid bow'rs of myrtle,
"Come, sit thee by my side once more,
It is in sooth a lovely tress,
A Dramatic Poem
The verge of Creation. Enter Werner and Spirit.
Scene I. Near the place of the damned. Enter Werner and Spirit.
Scene I. A peak of the Alps. Werner alone. Time, morning.
"Glenara, Glenara, now read me my dream."
Unmoor the skiff, - unmoor the skiff, -
Warrior of the youthful brow,
Suggested By Hearing Her Voice During Services At Church.
A Beautiful Little Girl.
Come near me with thy lips, and, breathe o'er mine