A poem by George W. Doneghy


No more to feel the pressure warm
Of dimpled arms around your neck--
No more to clasp the little form
That Nature did with beauty deck.


No more to hear the music sweet
Of merry laugh and prattling talk--
No more to see the busy feet
Come toddling down the shaded walk.


No more the glint of flaxen hair
That nestled 'round the lilied brow--
No more the rose's bloom will wear
The cheek so cold and pallid now.


No more the light from loving eyes,
Whose hue was like the violet blown
Where Summer's softest, bluest skies,
Had lent it coloring from their own.


No more to fondly bend above
The little one when slumber wrought,
With sweetest dreams, the smile of love
The placid features then had caught.


No more on earth--oh, nevermore!
The shattered idols of the heart
Can yearning love nor time restore--
But--you may meet to never part!

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