The Colonel.

A poem by George Pope Morris

The Colonel!--Such a creature!
I met him at the ball!--
So fair in form and feature,
And so divinely tall!
He praised my dimpled cheeks and curls,
While whirling through the dance,
And matched me with the dark-eyed girls
Of Italy and France!

He said, in accents thrilling--
"Love's boundless as the sea;
And I, dear maid, am willing
To give up all for thee!"
I heard him--blushed--"Would ask mamma"--
And then my eyes grew dim!
He looked--I said, "Mamma--papa--
I'd give up all for him!"

My governor is rich and old;
This well the Colonel knew.
"Love's wings," he said, "when fringed with gold,
Are beautiful to view!"
I thought his 'havior quite the ton,
Until I saw him stare
When merely told that--brother--John--

Next day and the day after
I dressed for him in vain;
Was moved to tears and laughter--
He never came again!
But I have heard, for Widow Dash
He bought the bridal ring;
And he will we her for her cash--
The ugly, hateful thing!

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