Poems by Federico García Lorca

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En la redonda
Tree, tree
Sobre el cielo
The moon came into the forge
But like love
In the sky there is nobody asleep. Nobody, nobody.
In the green morning
If I die,
I want to sleep the dream of the apples,
Each afternoon in Granada,
No one understood the perfume
Y que yo me la llevé al río
Empieza el llanto
1. Cogida and death
The men kept to themselves:
The fat lady came out first,
In Vienna there are ten little girls,
Voces de muerte sonaron
Noche de cuatro lunas
El campo
Su luna de pergamino
La luna vino a la fragua
English Translation
The night soaks itself
Largo espectro de plata conmovida
Never let me lose the marvel
So I took her to the river
Playing her parchment moon
The litle boy was looking for his voice.
I have shut my windows.
For Horace Gregory