Poems by Fannie Isabelle Sherrick

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Amid my treasures once I found
Oh, take this shell, this pretty thing
Sweet summer queen, with trailing robe of green,
The sun was hid all day by clouds,
O crimson-tined flowers
O beautiful woman, too well we know
Gleaming folds of read and gold linger in the western sky;
Beyond yon dim old mountain's shadowy height,
Catching the sunbeams, oh, wee dimpled child,
Let all the flowers wake to life;
There was a sound of music low--
The years are slowly creeping on
A dewy flower, bathed in crimson light,
Part I.
The world is full of gems to-day,
A treasured link of shining pearls,
Oh, what so subtle as the spell
A fair sweet blossom is born for you,
Two dark-brown eyes looked into mine
'Tis eventide; the noisy brook is hushed
[To the memory of Edwin B. Foster, a member of the Howards, who nobly sacrificed his own life for others, and in remembrance of those unknown to fame or friends who have silently followed in the steps of our Saviour.]
I would not ask thee back, fair May,
There's a beautiful lake where the sun lies low,
Why should we dream of days gone by?
Oh, soon the forests all will boast
I wonder what they are,
"Come, pensive nun, devout and pure,
Oh, what is so pure as the glad summer rain,
O beautiful hills in the purple light,
A tiny drop of crystal dew
The day is dead,
A limpid lake, a diamond gem,
Where is the bard, O river grand and old,
Low at my feet there lies to-night
She stood by my side with a queenly air,
Under the cross in the Southern skies,
The sunlight fell with a golden gleam
[To the memory of Lieut. Wm. W. Wardell, of the First Massachusetts Cavalry, killed May 28, 1864.]
Oh, what would you have, you splendid sun,
The sun sinks down in the crimson west,
The crown of stars is broken in parts,
Oh tell me not of the lands so old
Twin lilies in the river floating,
A beautiful form and a beautiful face,
Under the sea, the great wide sea
Under the stars, when the shadows fall,
The splendors of a southern sun
The summer queen has many flowers