A poem by Eugene Field

Tiddle-de-dumpty, tiddle-de-dee--
The spider courted the frisky flea;
Tiddle-de-dumpty, tiddle-de-doo--
The flea ran off with the bugaboo!
"Oh, tiddle-de-dee!"
Said the frisky flea--
For what cared she
For the miseree
The spider knew,
When, tiddle-de-doo,
The flea ran off with the bugaboo!

Rumpty-tumpty, pimplety-pan--
The flubdub courted a catamaran
But timplety-topplety, timpity-tare--
The flubdub wedded the big blue bear!
The fun began
With a pimplety-pan
When the catamaran,
Tore up a man
And streaked the air
With his gore and hair
Because the flubdub wedded the bear!

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