Poems by Ellis Parker Butler

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In our dainty little kitchen,
When first we met she seemed so white
She plucked a blossom fair to see;
Upon Bottle Miche the autre day
Just as the sun was setting
Whene’er I feed the barnyard folk
A merry burgomaster
A Scotchman whose name was Isbister
Oh! Montmorency Vere de Vere,
To be a great musician you must be a man of moods,
In all romances, old and new,
Strange, is it not? She was making her garden,
I hold her letter as I stand,
When with me the play she goes,
O wonderful! In sport we climbed the tree,
She does not mind a good cigar
Cupid on a summer day,
Soft was the night, the eve how airy,
I told her I loved her and begged but a word,
When young, in tones quite positive
Well, then! How’d you like to bear the name of Butler
I bowed my head in anguish sore
Twain? Oh, yes, I’ve heard Mark Twain
Saint Peter stood, at Heaven's gate,
King Joris was a kind-eyed king,
The cruelty of P. L. Brown
There was a man in New York City
Mary had a little frog
Little cullud Rastus come a-skippin’ down de street,
The great millennium is at hand.
(with apologies to Frederic Taber Cooper)
Upon Bottle Miche the autre day
The sluggish clouds hang low upon the town,
The shades of night was fallin’ slow
The forest holds high carnival to-day,
When Cupid held an auction sale,
Love took chambers on our street
I want to know how Bernard Shaw
When I taught Ida how to ride a
Well, eight months ago one clear cold day,
Captain O’Hare was a mariner brave;
I know something wonderful, wonderful;
Listen, ladies, while I sing
When our yacht sails seaward on steady keel
I am standing under the mistletoe,
Comrades, many a year and day
The Gossoon (Weeping)
Nature, when she made thee, dear,
Said Statesman A to Statesman Z:
Behold, my child, this touching scene,
A full-fledged gun cannot endure
Observe, my child, this pretty scene,
And now behold this sulking boy,
There was a young patrolman who
Her heart she locked fast in her breast,
The Sheep adorns the landscape rural
A sinner was old Captain Dan;
You have heard of the wonderful one-hoss shay
They hide in the brook when I seek to draw nearer,
The Whale is found in seas and oceans,
A glint of her hair or a flash of her shoulder,
Sence fair Jessica hez left us
Sweet Love and I had oft communed;
So great my debt to thee, I know my life
I have no heart to write verses to May;
O! fair, sweet Phyllis and sweet, fair May,
When Love and I drew softly nigh
In hand I take this pen of mine
The Cowboy had a sterling heart,
Was ever a maiden so worried?
When I go rowing on the lake,
One year ago I wished that I