Poems by Duncan Campbell Scott

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At Bethlehem upon the hill,
I gave her a rose in early June,
Here in the pungent gloom
Come to me when grief is over,
Three are emerald pools in the sea,
Tug at the net,
Here where the cypress tall
She breath├Ęd deep,
Those who die on Christmas Day
To ports of balm through isles of musk
The shore-lark soars to his topmost flight,
(Aetat Six)
Here in Samarcand they offer emeralds,
Gather the leaves from the forest
This is the land!
Here there is balm for every tender heart
(The refrain is quoted by Edward Fitzgerald in one of his letters)
I have seen things that charmed the heart to rest:
Dear Morris - here is your letter -
Under the sky without a stain
The sunset colours mingle in the sky,
From the upland hidden,
Veil-like and beautiful
The Earth moans in her sleep
The night is old, and all the world
Lay him down where the fern is thick and fair.
O turn once more!
This is the mockery of the moving years;
Creep into my heart, creep in, creep in,
Far in the east the rain-clouds sweep and harry,
Gentle angel with your mantle,
Rufus Gale speaks - 1852
An angel burdened with self-pity
The dew falls and the stars fall,
All my life long I heard the step
She is free of the trap and the paddle,
Here is the height of land:
This silver-edged geranium leaf
Crown her with stars, this angel of our planet,
This is not June, - by Autumn's stratagem
O if love were had for asking,
Dawn-cool, dew-cool
O noble youth that held our honour in keeping,
So in the shadow by the nimble flood