Poems by David Rorie

also known as: David Rorie M.D.

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O hae ye heard the latest news
'Twas up at the tree near the heid o' the glen
O! can'le licht's baith braw and bricht
Yersel' is't? Imphm! Man that's bad!
Doon in the placie I hae my hame
As I gang roon' the kintra-side
The wife she was ailin', the doctor was ca'ed,
[This ballad is of great interest, and, as far as we know, has not hitherto appeared in print. It is certainly not in Child's Collection. It was taken down from the singing of an aged man of 105 years, in Glen Kennaquhair. Internal evidence would ten
Not mine to let the hair grow long, and talk
The auld man had a girnin' wife,
O' a' the jobs that sweat the sark
Oor Jock's gude mither's second man
Afore there was law to fleg us a',
Cauld blew the blast frae East to Wast,
In the heicht o' the foray
'Twas in a wee bit but-an'-ben
I dinna ken what is the maitter wi' Jeams,
The burn was big wi' spate,
I was gaun to my supper richt hungert an' tired,
[It is hoped that all Scottish characteristics known to the Southron are here: pawkiness and pride of race; love of the dram; redness of hair; eldership of, and objection to instrumental music in the Kirk; hatred of the Sassenach; inability to see a
Saturday Night.
'Twas the turn o' the nicht when a' was quate
He's a muckle man, Sandy, he's mair nor sax fit