Poems by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

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Addressed during the Summer Term of 1888 by Mr. Algernon Dexter, Scholar of ------ College, Oxford, to his cousin, Miss Kitty Tremayne, at ------ Vicarage, Devonshire.
To commemorate the virtue of Homoeopathy in restoring one apparently drowned.
Know you her secret none can utter?
A month ago Lysander pray'd
Designed to show that the practice of lying is not confined to children.
After T. I.
By W. W.
Rudiments, Rudiments, and Rudiments!
Who lives in suit of armour pent
Friend, old friend in the Manse by the fireside sitting,
Tune--Luther's Chorale
Plain Language from truthful James[1].
A thousand songs I might have made
Over the rim of the Moor,
From my farm, from hèr farm
O'er the tears that we shed, dear
By Sir W. S.
Down in the street the last late hansoms go
Senex. Saye, cushat, callynge from the brake,
Senex. Saye, cushat, callynge from the brake,
Small is my secret--let it pass--
'Tis pretty to be in Ballinderry,
Before Vittoria, June 20, 1813
By O--r K--m.
Hush! and again the chatter of the starling
You and I and Burd so blithe--
After C. S. C.
My Juggins, see: the pasture green,
Adown the torturing mile of street
Deep, Love, yea, very deep.
O waly, waly, my bonnie crew
Not on the neck of prince or hound,
Not on the neck of prince or hound,
All night a fountain pleads,
The Pervigilium Veneris--of unknown authorship, but clearly belonging to the late literature of the Roman Empire--has survived in two MSS., both preserved at Paris in the Bibliothèque Nationale.
If a leaf rustled, she would start:
Be aisy an' list to a chune
By Lord T-n.
Here in the fairway
Nay, more than violets
HEWLETT! as ship to ship
By W--ll--m C--wp--r.
From "Arion," an unpublished Masque
By A. C. S.
When as abroad, to greet the morn,
In youth I dreamed, as other youths have dreamt,
By E. A. P.
Toiling love, loose your pack,