Ye Frog's Wooing

A poem by Walter Crane


It was the frog lived in the well,
Heigh-ho! says Rowley;
And the merry mouse under the mill,
With a Rowley, Powley, Gammon, and Spinach,
Heigh-ho! says Anthony Rowley.


The frog he would a-wooing ride, Heigh-ho, &c.
Sword and buckler at his side, With a, &c.


When upon his high horse set, Heigh-ho, &c.
His boots they shone as black as jet, With a, &c.


When he came to the merry mill-pin, Heigh-ho, &c.
"Lady Mouse, are you within?" With a, &c.


Then came out the dusty mouse, Heigh-ho, &c.
"I am the lady of this house," With a, &c.


"Hast thou any mind of me?" Heigh-ho, &c.
"I have e'en great mind of thee," With a, &c.


"Who shall this marriage make?" Heigh-ho, &c.
"Our lord, which is the rat," With a, &c.


"What shall we have to our supper?" Heigh-ho, &c.
"Three beans in a pound of butter," With a, &c.


But when the supper they were at, Heigh-ho, &c.
The frog, the mouse, and e'en the rat, With a, &c.


Then came in Tib, our cat, Heigh-ho, &c.
And caught the mouse e'en by the back, With a, &c.


Then did they separate, Heigh-ho, &c.
The frog leaped on the floor so flat, With a, &c.


Then came in Dick, our drake, Heigh-ho, &c.
And drew the frog e'en to the lake, With a, &c.


The rat he ran up the wall, Heigh-ho, &c.
And so the company parted all, With a, &c.

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