The Three Little Kittens

A poem by Walter Crane

There were three little kittens
Put on their mittens
To eat some Christmas pie.
Mew, mew,
Mew, mew,
Mew, mew, mew.

These three little kittens
They lost their mittens,
And all began to cry.
Mew, mew, &c.

"Go, go, naughty kittens,
And find your mittens,
Or you shan't have any pie."
Mew, mew, &c.

These three little kittens
They found their mittens,
And joyfully they did cry.
Mew, mew, &c.

"O Granny, dear!
Our mittens are here,
Make haste and cut up the pie!"
Purr-rr, purr-rr, purr-rr-rr.

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