The Plough Boy In Luck

A poem by Walter Crane

My daddy is dead, but I can't tell you how;
He left me six horses to follow the plough;
With my whim wham waddle ho!
Strim stram straddle ho!
Bubble ho! pretty boy, over the brow.

I sold my six horses to buy me a cow;
And wasn't that a pretty thing to follow the plough?
With my, &c.

I sold my cow to buy me a calf,
For I never made a bargain but I lost the best half.
With my, &c.

I sold my calf to buy me a cat,
To sit down before the fire to warm her little back.
With my, &c.

I sold my cat to buy me a mouse,
But she took fire in her tail and so burnt up my house.
With my, &c.

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