The Fly & The Humble Bee

A poem by Walter Crane

Fiddle-de-dee, Fiddle-de-dee,
The fly has married the humble bee.
Says the fly, says he,
"Will you marry me,
And live with me,
Sweet humble bee?"

Says the bee, says she,
"I'll live under your wing,
"And you'll never know
"That I carry a sting."
Fiddle-de-dee, &c.

So when the parson
Had joined the pair,
They both went out
To take the air,
Fiddle-de-dee, &c.

And the flies did buzz,
And the bells did ring--
Did ever you hear
So merry a thing?
Fiddle-de-dee, &c.

And then to think
That of all the flies
The humble bee
Should carry the prize.
Fiddle-de-dee, &c.

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