The Sleet

A poem by Nancy Rebecca Campbell Glass

Regal the earth seems with diamonds today,
Gemming all nature in blazing array;
A picture more fairy-like never could be
Than this wonderful icicle filigree.

A crystallized world! What a marvelous sight,
Gorgeous and grand in the March sunlight!
The frost-king magician has changed the spring showers
To turquois and topaz and sapphire bowers.

And what is the lesson we learn from the sleet,
As toiling life's road with wearying feet,
Upward we strive, but failing so oft
In the struggles that bear us aright and aloft?

'Tis this that the hard breath of winter's chill blast
Alone can this mantle of loveliness cast;
And thus our sharp winds of trial may prove
Angels to weave us bright garments of love.

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