Mi Love's Come Back.

A poem by John Hartley

Let us have a jolly spree,
An wi' joy an harmonie,
Let the merry moments flee,
For mi love's come back.
O, the days did slowly pass,
When awd lost mi little lass,
But nah we'll have a glass,
For mi love's come back.

O, shoo left me in a hig,
An shoo didn't care a fig,
But nah aw'll donce a jig,
For mi love's come back,
An aw know though far away,
'At her heart ne'er went astray,
An awst ivver bless the day,
For mi love's come back.

When shoo axt me yesterneet,
What made mi een soa breet?
Aw says, "Why cant ta see'ts
'Coss mi love's come back,"
Then aw gave her sich a kiss,
An shoo tuk it nooan amiss; -
An awm feeard awst brust wi bliss,
For mi love's come back.

Nah, awm gooin to buy a ring,
An a creddle an a swing,
Ther's noa tellin what may spring,
Nah, mi love's come back;
O, aw nivver thowt befooar,
'At sich joy could be i' stooar,
But nah aw'll grieve noa moor,
For mi love's come back.

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