It may be Soa.

A poem by John Hartley

This world's made up ov leet an shade,
But some things strange aw mark;
One class live all on th' sunny side,
Wol others dwell i'th' dark.
Wor it intended some should grooap,
Battlin with th' world o' care,
Wol others full ov joy an hooap
Have happiness to spare?

It may be soa, - aw'll net contend,
Opinions should be free; -
Aw'm nobbut spaikin as a friend, -
But it seems that way to me.

Should one class wear ther lives away,
To mak another great;
Wol all their share will hardly pay,
For grub enuff to ait?
An is it reight at some should dress
I' clooas bedeckt wi' gold,
Wol others havn't rags enuff,
To keep ther limbs throo th' cold?

It may be soa, - aw'll net contend, &c,

When gazin at th' fine palaces,
Whear live the favoured few;
Aw cant help wonderin sometimes
If th' inmates nobbut knew,
At th' buildins next to their's i' size
Are workhaases for th' poor,
An if they'd net feel some surprise
At th' misery raand ther door?

It may be soa, - aw'll net contend, &c.

Sometimes aw wonder what chaps think
When shiverin wi' th' cold,
Abaat th' brass at they've spent i' drink,
Whear th' landlords caant ther gold.
They couldn't get a shillin lent,
To buy a bit o' breead,
Whear all ther wages have been spent, -
They'd get kickt aght asteead.

It may be soa, - aw'll net contend, &c.

Aw wonder if they'll leearn some day,
At th' best friend they can find,
When th' shop's shut daan, an stopt ther pay,
Is ther own purse snugly lined?
Aw wonder, will th' time ivver come,
When th' darkest day is done,
When they can sing of Home Sweet Home.
An know they've getten one?

It may be soa, aw hooap it will,
For then we'st all be free;
When ivvery man's his own best friend, -
Gooid by to poverty.

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