In my Garden of Roses.

A poem by John Hartley

Oh! Come to me, darling! My Sweet!
Here where the sunlight reposes;
Pink petals lie thick at my feet,
Here in my garden of rose's.

Oh! come to my bower! My Queen!
Sweet with the breath of the flow'rs;
Shaded with curtains of green; -
Here let us dream through the hours.

The sky is unfleck'd overhead, -
Trees languish in Sol's fervid ray, -
The earth to the heavens is wed,
And robin is piping his lay.

Lost is their sweetness upon me;
Vainly their beauties displaying; -
Cheerless I wander, and lonely, -
Hoping and longing and praying.

Oh! come to me, Queenliest flower!
Reign in my garden of roses;
Humbly we bow to thy power,
Loving the sway thou imposes.

Hark! 'Tis her tinkling footfall!
Robin desist from thy singing;
Mar not those sounds that enthrall, -
Faint as a fairy bell's ringing.

She cometh! My lily! my rose!
Queenlier, - purer, and sweeter!
Haste, every blossom that blows,
Pour out your perfumes to greet her!

Panting she rests in my arms; -
Now is my bower enchanted!
Essence of all this world's charms; -
My heart has won all that it wanted.

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