Hide not thy Face.

A poem by John Hartley

Hide not Thy face, - and though the road
Be dark and long and rough,
With cheerfulness I'll bear my load,
Thy smile will be enough.
All other helps I can forego,
If with Faith's eye I trace,
Through earthly clouds of grief and woe,
The presence of Thy face.

Hide not Thy face; - weak, worn and
Oppressed with doubt and fear;
Still will I utter no complaint, -
Content if Thou art near.
Thy loving hand my steps shall guide,
And set my doubts at rest;
In loving trust, whate'er betide,
For Thou, Lord, knowest best.

Hide not Thy face; - the tempter's wiles
Around my feet are spread;
The world's applause,-the wanton's smiles,
Beset the path I tread.
Alone, too weak to fight the host
Of Pleasure's vicious train,
'Tis then I need Thy succour most; -
Let me not seek in vain.

Hide not Thy face, but day by day,
Shine out more clearly bright;
Until this narrow, thorny way,
Shall end in Death's dark night.
Then freed from all the taints of sin,
Through Thine abundant Grace;
The crown of righteousness I win,
And see Thee face to face.

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