A Wife.

A poem by John Hartley

Who is it, when one starts for th' day
A cheerin word is apt to say,
At sends yo leeter on yor way?
A wife.

An who, when th' wark is done at neet,
Sits harknin for yor clogs i'th' street,
An sets warm slippers for yor feet?
A wife.

An who, when yo goa weary in,
Bids th' childer mak a little din,
An smiles throo th' top o'th' heead to th' chin?
A wife.

An who, when troubled, vext an tried,
Comes creepin softly to yor side,
An soothes a grief 'at's hard to bide?
A wife.

An when yor ommost driven mad,
Who quiets yo daan, an calls yo "lad,"
An shows yo things are nooan soa bad?
A wife.

Who nivver once forgets that day,
When yo've to draw yor bit o' pay,
But comes to meet yo hawf o'th' way?
A wife.

Who is it, when yo hooamward crawl,
Taks all yo have, an thinks it small;
Twice caants it, an says, "Is this all?"
A wife.

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