The Hoodoo.

A poem by James Whitcomb Riley

Owned a pair o' skates onc't. - Traded
Fer 'em, - stropped 'em on and waded
Up and down the crick, a-waitin'
Tel she'd freeze up fit fer skatin'.
Mildest winter I remember -
More like Spring- than Winter-weather! -
Did n't frost tel bout December-
Git up airly ketch a' feather
Of it, mayby, 'crost the winder -
Sunshine swinge it like a cinder!

Well - I waited - and kep' waitin'!
Couldn't see my money's w'oth in
Them-air skates and was no skatin',
Ner no hint o' ice ner nothin'!
So, one day - along in airly
Spring - I swopped 'em off - and barely
Closed the dicker, 'fore the weather
Natchurly jes slipped the ratchet,
And crick - tail-race - all together,
Froze so tight cat couldn't scratch it!

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