The Day is Now Dawning.

A poem by George Pope Morris


The day is now dawning, love,
Fled is the night--
I go like the morning, love,
Cheerful and bright.
Then adieu, dearest Ellen:
When evening is near,
I'll visit thy dwelling,
For true love is here.


Oh, come where the fountain, love,
Tranquilly flows;
Beneath the green mountain, love,
Seek for repose;
There the days of our childhood,
In love's golden beam,
'Mong the blue-bells and wildwood,
Passed on like a dream.


Oh, linger awhile, love!


I must away.


Oh, grant me thy smile, love,
'Tis Hope's cheering ray--
With evening expect me.


To the moment be true,
And may angels protect thee--


Sweet Ellen, adieu!
Dear William, adieu!

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