Translations. - Simeon The Patriarch's Song Of Praise. (Luther's Song-Book.)

A poem by George MacDonald

In peace and joy I now depart,
For God hath willed it.
Comforted is my mind and heart,
For he hath stilled it;
As my God did promise me,
Death is grown only slumber.

That shows that Christ is God's own Son,
And our saviour so,
Whom thou, O Lord, to me hast shown,
Making me know
Him the Life eternal,
And health in pain and dying.

In the fore-front thou hast him placed,
In him delighted;
The whole world to his kingdom blest
Hast invited
Through thy precious wholesome word
In every place resounding.

He is the health and happy light
Of the heathen,
To ope their eyes, and give them sight
Thee to see then.
He to thy people, Isr'el,
Is glory, honour, pleasure.

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