Sonnet LXXXIX. Subject Continued.

A poem by Anna Seward

Yon late but gleaming Moon, in hoary light
Shines out unveil'd, and on the cloud's dark fleece
Rests; - but her strengthen'd beams appear to increase
The wild disorder of this troubled Night.
Redoubling Echos seem yet more to excite
The roaring Winds and Waters! - Ah! why cease
Resolves, that promis'd everlasting peace,
And drew my steps to this incumbent height?
I wish! - I shudder! - stretch my longing arms
O'er the steep cliff! - My swelling spirits brave
The leap, that quiets all these dire alarms,
And floats me tossing on the stormy wave!
But Oh! what roots my feet? - what spells, what charms
The daring purpose of my Soul enslave?

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